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Delivering exceptional and cost effective catering services to your employees does not come without effective planning and management. Catering is more than a simple meal experience; it is an expression of your organisation’s passion and commitment to its people and customers. A good food service should work in harmony with your business activities, environment and culture. Whether in-house or contracted out you have a responsibility to ensure that your company provides a quality catering service at the right price. 

Catering Consultancy Services is completely independent; we provide innovative catering solutions and consultancy to business and industry clients across the United Kingdom. We search for new ways of doing things; we think “outside the box” to deliver solutions, which are practical and sustainable taking into account the latest developments in food and people trends. 

We are professional catering and support services advisors of undoubted integrity, experience, business responsibility and judgement. Our honesty of purpose and loyalty to our clients is above question.

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